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Course Curriculum

1st Session
2B 1st Session: We have Covered: Everybody up Lesson 1 ( food) New Vocabulary : steak - Spaghetti- rice & soup- pizza-french fries - salad *study them very well Videos played : https://youtu.be/yUw3-im44qY https://youtu.be/_ctPAlJVDQk H.w Workbook ' page. 23

2B 2nd Session
2B 2nd Session: We have Covered : Everybody up: unit 3, Lesson 2 ( fruits) Peach - pear- apple- orange - watermelon Grammar: She/he doesn't have - I have / I don't have She/ he has - I have Extra sheet on Lesson 1 ( food) H.w : Work book : unit 3 Lesson 2 Phonics : ed - en family ( Oxford phonics)page (28-29) *Please make sure that the kids can pronounce all the words which have taken

3rd Session
2B 3rd Session : We have covered: Everybody up: Lesson 3, Story - Lesson four ( Dairy products) New Vocabulary: milk- yogurt- cheese- butter Grammar: Do you - Does he / she? And its answers H.w ( workbook) page 28 ( write)

4th Session
2B 4th Session : We have covered: Tom's story ( Reading) Learn about : Comparative ( taller- shorter - stronger- weaker- faster) Videos played https://youtu.be/M_kPHSc65R4 https://youtu.be/Zha6AR-yeMQ • Please, study the story events very well and write down all the new Vocabulary

5th Session
2B 5th Session: We have covered: Everybody up : Lesson1 and lesson 2 ( clothes) New Vocabulary : pants - shoes- sneakers- shirt- t-shirt- shorts- jeans- vest- sweater Workbook : apply on Lesson 1 &Lesson 2 H.w • Study the new Vocabulary very well and practice its pronunciation Video played:

6th Session
2B 6th Session We have covered : Clothes : Story L.3 New Vocabulary: find - wear-sneakers- coat- sweater Get dressed live worksheet on clothes Everybody up : page 33 Vedio played: https://youtu.be/PKw_4ck3JF0

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