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1st Session
Level 1 Conversation We have Covered: First name- surname Greetings ( formal & informal) How to introduce yourself to your classmates Page ( 2& 3) • Task ( we are going to discuss the match events) watch it on Thursday

2nd Session
Conversation Level 1: Session 2 Speak Now- We have Covered: Nice to meet you : language booster - expression and speak with confidence Grammar part: present simple/ present continuous ( use tenses during conversation) and differences between them *- task: talk about your daily routine and weekends activities

Conversation 1 : 3rd Session We have covered: Lesson 3: can you say that again? Language booster : Asking for personal information and Asking for repetition Speaking: Having a conversation and diverse questions using present simple and present continuous tense • Task : talk about your favourite actor/actress or footballer for 3 minutes • https://www.eslconversationquestions.com/simple-present/

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